100 Inexpensive Things To Do In Your Yard This Summer

100 Inexpensive Things To Do In Your Yard This Summer

100 Inexpensive Things To Do In Your Yard This Summer

No parent wants to hear “I’m bored” this Summer. Print out this list, and see if your kids can scratch off every single one before school is back in session!

  1. Sidewalk Chalk
  2. Bubbles
  3. Play in the sprinkler
  4. Plant an herb garden
  5. Paint a birdhouse
  6. Paint rocks & make a colorful pathway
  7. Grab an old pillowcase & have a sack race
  8. Jump Rope
  9. Build a sand castle
  10. Build a fort out of cardboard boxes
  11. Go on a bug hunt
  12. Camp out under the stars
  13. Roast s’mores on the grill
  14. Have a picniccheap summer activities
  15. Find shapes in the clouds
  16. Star Gaze
  17. Learn tennis, baseball, basketball, or golf
  18. Play cards games the patio
  19. Hook up a bluetooth speaker & have a dance party
  20. Have a water balloon fight
  21. Watermelon seed spitting contest
  22. Launch a bottle rocket
  23. Have a hula hoop contest
  24. Play oversized  checkers in your yard
  25. Hopscotch
  26. Plan a Picnic
  27. Invite the neighbors over and grill
  28. Bowl with your empty cans
  29. Have a scavenger hunt
  30. Read a book outside
  31. Tic-Tac-Toe with rocks
  32. Build and obstacle course out of pool noodles, boxes and baloons
  33. Host a tea party
  34. Race paper airplanes
  35. Paint an oversized picture -hang a white sheet on the fence, and let the kids paint it!summer fun on a budget
  36. Hide & seek
  37. Capture the flag
  38. Play red light green light
  39. Freeze tag
  40. Simon says
  41. Duck duck goose
  42. Water balloon catch
  43. Fill a bowl with water and some toys, freeze it. Let the kids break the ice and free the treasures
  44. Balance a raw egg on a spoon and pass it from person to person
  45. Play a game of horseshoes
  46. Fly a kite
  47. Throw a frisbee
  48. Backyard scrabble -write letters on sheets of paper
  49. Make mud pies
  50. Puddle jumping
  51. Paint a flower pot
  52. Start a fairy garden
  53. Make a bird bath
  54. Sidewalk foam paint
  55. Make an oversized race track out of cardboard for you hotwheels
  56. Invite your friends over for a pop up fashion show
  57. Bird watch
  58. Run a bike wash for a day
  59. Foam contest -make shaving cream hair, beards & outfits
  60. Cook an egg on the sidewalk
  61. Meet the neighbors
  62. Plan a puppy playdate
  63. Act out your favorite play
  64. Set up an outdoor movie (or just use your ipad)
  65. Find every color of the rainbow in the yard
  66. Try sunrise yoga
  67. Draw a map of your yard
  68. Journal outdoors
  69. Have target practice
  70. Press leaves (use a heavy book and contact paper to dry out leaves or flowers)
  71. Braid a flower crown
  72. Observe an ant colony
  73. Tie dye a t-shirt
  74. Play shadow puppets on the house
  75. Watch the sunset
  76. Try your hand at photojournalism in your yard
  77. Learn how to juggle
  78. Start an outdoor neighborhood book club
  79. Have a wheelbarrow race
  80. Identify all the sounds you hear
  81. Try a new magic trick
  82. I spy (using binoculars)
  83. Swing in a hammock
  84. Make a grass whistle
  85. Whittle a stick
  86. Decorate your bike & host a parade
  87. Melt crayons in the sun
  88. Catch fireflies-or butterflies
  89. Set up a lemonade stand
  90. Look for animal tracks
  91. Put rubber bands on a watermelon until it pops
  92. Make mosaic art
  93. Sign up to be a dog walker
  94. Have a night time glow stick party
  95. Make your own wind chimes with empty bottles or cans
  96. Water gun painting
  97. Play with a parachute
  98. Sparklers
  99. Use modeling clay to make some creatures for your yard
  100. Make and bury a time capsule


Have a happy Summer, loves!

-Anna Angenend



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