Upcycled Candle Jars & 5 Great Ways To Use Them

Upcycled Candle Jars & 5 Great Ways To Use Them

Upcycled Candle Jars & 5 Great Ways To Use Them

I have a confession.

I’m obsessed with candles. I love their warm glow, I the crackle sound the wood wicks make, I love their scents… I. LOVE. THEM.  I have been hoarding burnt out candle jars. I just can’t bring myself to throw away a cute  jar with a lid. There are so many uses for them, and it only takes about 10 minutes to clean out the jar and start organizing, decorating, or giving gifts with these cute jars!


These cute little jars are from one of my favorite scents, the Mrs. Meyers Clean Day basil scented candle.

I liked using these jars because of the screw on lid, and the labeling is very easy to remove. You can use any old candle jar though.

How to clean out jars:

  1. Peel off labeling – If the labels do not come off easily, leave them on for step two. It will help to soften the glue and peel the label off. If there is any sticky residue left, a little bit of Goo Gone on a cotton ball will swipe it all off!
  2. Place jars in a pot and boil water
  3. Let the water boil for 1-2 minutes. When you see the wax melt around the edges (little bubbles will come up to) you can pull the jars out of the water.
  4. Use a butter knife to pop the way and wick end out of the jar

how to reuse candle jars


how to diy recycled candle jars

No more wax! Next I slipped these beauties into a hot soapy kitchen sink to clean off the soot.

Next I wanted to paint the lids for a bit of an accent. I pretty much only have chalk paint on hand at my house, because it is so easy to use and always gives great results. Pro tip (can I call myself a pro if I have used chalk paint more than 10 times?) : use very fine sand paper to sand metal surfaces before painting with chalk paint. It will be much easier to write with chalk if the surface isn’t super slick.

chalk paint lid jars


chalk paint jar lids

I was very excited (perhaps too excited?) that these jars fit perfectly into my kitchen junk drawer, which inspired me to go on a much needed organization spree. These jars helped tremendously to tidy up loose bolts, screws, nails and batteries.


diy storage jarss

I am going to have to keep using this candle, because I’d love a set of these jars to organize hair bands and bobby pins, the loose beads and glitter on the craft shelf, pens and clips in my office…

diy storage jars 2

Wait a minute, when did I become the age when organizing everything into cute and tidy jars is exciting?  Oh well, there is no time to be sad about that, check out all the other great uses for these jars:

succulent jars

I am a sucker for succulents! Or whatever this little fern/ivy type plant is. I am not picky, I just love a bit of greenery to brighten a bookshelf, desk, windowsill or a corner of my kitchen counter. I bought these pretty glass rocks in the floral section at Hobby Lobby.

makeup brush storage diy

Serious question, can I go longer without washing my makeup brushes if I store them in a pretty jar? You can get back to me on that one. 😉

diy outdoor candle

Okay, I know an up cycled candle jar turned into a (gasp!) outdoor candle  isn’t the most inspired idea, but c’mon! I really love the cheeriness and ambiance this candle brings to our patio.


Did you try this out? Leave a comment and let me know what you made! I hope you will start saving all your old candles, and bringing them new life.  See you soon!


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  • Meek says:

    Great read. I am definitely going to try this idea. I have tons of loose crap, mostly Cody’s, that needs tidying up. Thank you for the tip on how to relive the wax.

    • AnnaAngenend says:

      It’s the best feeling getting those little things all tidied up. I am so glad this could help! It would be a fun DIY day if you need an extra hand. 😉

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