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San Antonio Realtor | Dallas Horner | Head Shots

San Antonio Realtor | Dallas Horner | Head Shots

San Antonio Realtor | Dallas Horner | Head Shots

I’m so thankful my sister in law referred us to Dallas at the beginning of 2017. He worked hard for us, and went above and beyond to help us quickly find our new home! Just a couple of months later, he called on me to update his head shots. I think that starting your business with a good branding shoot is crucial. He will finally have photos for marketing, social media, business cards & more! We shot these at one of my favorite San Antonio locations, the Pearl Brewery.

san antonio headshots

Head Shots Photo Tips:

Prior to his session, I sent Dallas some ideas & poses so he would have an idea of what to expect, or could tell me what he prefers. Guys often find it more difficult to pose than girls do, and I wanted to assure him that there are plenty of great “power poses” for guys!

San Antonio Headshots

For professional images outisde of the creative industry, my shot lists includes :

  • suit & tie
  • buttons up with jeans

(yes, it’s important to bring out the iron for these! No wrinkles, please. )

  • Warm smile
  • Relaxed pose
  • Straight face
  • Power Pose
  • Natural Light Portraits
  • Off Camera Flash Portrait
  • Solid Colored Backdrop Portrait

Be sure to discuss with your photographer  any other shots you would like to have done.

san antonio headshots

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