Rosales Family 2017

Rosales Family 2017

Rosales Family 2017

I’ve been shooting family portraits in San Antonio for six years now, but I still feel nervous when I am going to meet a new client for the first time! I like to spend time chatting on the phone and making sure we get along well, but in the back of my mind there is sometimes a little voice that thinks “what if we just don’t click?”.

As I sat enjoying the first cool morning that we have got to experience in San Antonio this fall, I wondered what the Rosales family was like. I soon learned that for anyone who meets them, you will instantly feel like old friends.  My first indication of how much I would like this family, is that they showed up with one of my favorite foods…a breakfast taco, with my name on it!

Then sweet little Lily skipped up to me, and offered to hold my hand while we walked through the park. My heart was melted.

I feel so honored and blessed to meet so many lovely families in San Antonio. Thanks to my wonderful clients, just like the Rosales family.

Rosales, I am already hoping to see you all again. I had so much fun getting to chat with ya’ll, watch Lilly feed the ducks, and enjoying your company! Thanks for the breakfast taco. 😉

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