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Samaiyah’s 30th Birthday!

Samaiyah’s 30th Birthday!

Samaiyah’s 30th Birthday!

It happens constantly, women will pull me inside and lists their insecurities to me, hoping that I can conceal them all during their photo session. I am often socked to hear what some women see when the look at themselves, rather than just seeing the beauty and perfection that I see when I look at them. The most common request? “Please make me look skinny”.

There is a part of me that is grateful that women feel comfortable enough to come to me, and open up about their insecurities, I want to make them feel comfortable and confident in front of my camera. I enjoy the opportunity to reassure them before their session.  At the same time, it breaks my heart a little bit each time. Yes, each of us are very different, and we may all have “quirks”, but so many women are unaware of how beautiful they truly are. I always think all of you look incredible, and so often women are too busy staring at a a freckle, a wrinkle, or a roll to see their true beauty.

My advise is always the same, “be in the moment during your session. Play with your kids, love on your spouse. Be YOU. ” That is the most beautiful form I can capture someone in. Yes, there are some poses that are more flattering than others, and there are ways I can minimize the appearance of marks or spots that you may feel uncomfortable with, but I will not change who you are, because I just wouldn’t feel right about altering perfection.

Now, all of this isn’t directly related to Samiayah, but she did inspire me so much.  I was  overjoyed when Samiayah came to me, and wanted me to photograph her for her 30th birthday. What a wonderful occasion to celebrate. I’ve had the pleasure of photographing  Samaiyah with her family and when she was pregnant. I know what and strong, kind, and fun person she is. I was so excited she wanted to celebrate herself this way. I wanted to make her feel like a goddess at her photo session! 

Samaiyah, thank you for being such an inspiration to me. Thank you for embracing who you are, and knowing that is worth celebrating. For trusting me to make you feel beautiful, and for letting me capture this momentous occasion in your life.  I hope that I have done you justice through these photos. You have accomplished so much, and have so much to be proud of!

As you all can see, she showed up to her session quite literally glowing… and she ROCKED it. Leave her a birthday wish for a kick ass 30th birthday in the comments!


Happy Birthday!

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