Front Porch Sessions

Front Porch Sessions

Front Porch Sessions

Oh hey there,

Glad to see you’re still hanging around!

I’m gradually peaking my head out of my quarantine bubble, and attempting to wrap my mind around our changed world.

After long hours of considerations, I have decided to begin doing sessions again, with limits. While I am accustomed to being close and pretty “hands on” with my clients, i.e. fixing ornery hairs, adjusting twisted necklaces, straitening dress straps, I am now embracing socially distanced photo session! It take a smidgen of patience from you, and some on-point detailed explanations from me…with a mask over my face! So yes, it’s a bit different, but still so worth it to me, to capture the big moments that still happen during pandemics, to create a visual time capsule of your time in quarantine, and selfishly for me, just so that I can get back to work!

The beauty of porch sessions is:

1) how easy it is to maintain a social distance

2) how hassle-free it is

Your session will be planned over the phone, and in detail so you feel confident and ready on the day of your shoot. However, coordinating perfect outfits, hoping for ideal weather, and driving to some location on time isn’t necessary! I actually LOVE how easy it is, and so far…my clients do to!

Pinky promise, I am going to keep doing porch sessions even when the crap-shoot that is 2020 has ended.

To book a session with me, shoot me a message at:

Cristina was one of the first to reach out to me about a porch session for her family. She is an incredibly talented artist, you may have seen some of her murals around the city. I feel especially honored to be trusted with the job of taking her photos. She had some fun ideas about including things her girls love, and how we can show off the STUNNING porch of her house. It was tons of fun, and below are some of the highlights from their shoot.

To see more of my photos, or to book a session with me, click here.

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