De Leora Family

De Leora Family

De Leora Family

If I have ever had a “unicorn” of a session, this is the one.

I always look forward to session with Mariana & JP, but this would be the first one with them as a family of six, and I have learned in 15 years of photography, that four kids seven & under is a recipe for chaos.

Each of the kids behaved as though going to school is a side gig, and they model full time. It was a dream! I could barely limit their photos to 43…out of a 30 minute session. Trust me, that is unheard of!

Being the sentimental mom that I am, I thought so much of my history with this family as I edited their session. When my oldest and Ania were just babies, I met Mariana. From our first conversations, I knew we would be kindred spirits. There is so much I admire and adore about her.

I’m so blessed to have been close as their family grows, and fall in love with each bright personality they bring into the world. 

And now there are four.


Thank ya’ll, for giving me the joy of being your friend and the happiness of capturing your families memories of the years.

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