Sunrise Session on the Guadalupe River

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Sunrise Session on the Guadalupe River

Sunrise Session on the Guadalupe River

As I drove to this session, I thought about the last time I saw Megan. I had met baby Theo as his newborn session, one of my final session before I gave birth to Jaxon. Megan and I met at a birthing class last Summer. It’s pretty intimate to meet someone and get to know them over practicing breathing techniques, and emergency birth backup plans together. 🙂

It boggles the mind to imagine that out baby boys are turning one already. It’s impossibly hard to understand how that first year flies by. The “newborn” phase is over in just days it seems like.

Theo, is an absolute bundle of joy who was perturbed that we wouldn’t allow him to eat the rocks lining the riverbank. But he did get a photo with a couple of them.

One of his precious rocks
~swooning~ over those baby blues
Uh, those squishy kisses! Can you ever get enough? Never!
All smiles and giggles in Daddy’s truck as we wrapped up our session.

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