6 Month Photos & an Apology to my Clients

6 Month Photos & an Apology to my Clients

6 Month Photos & an Apology to my Clients

Hello, world!

Man, it’s been a minute.

Life update, I just took my TWO (still getting used to that) kids photos, and man I need to get something off my chest…getting/taking family photos kind of sucks. Yes, I am a photographer and I want it to be all rainbows and butterflies but it just ain’t. I’ve known this, but I feel even more in the know after corralling both of my babies for photos (by me) without my hubby around to help.

It’s not that it’s terrible, it’s just that it never goes like a mom dreams of.

I knew going into it that my daughter prioritizes comfort over fashion, and it would be useless and unrealistic to try and coordinate some over the top outfits…however much I’d love to look like a #pinterestfam, it just isn’t us.

I’d rather my kiddos photos reflect their personalities than some version of perfect that we aren’t anyway. This also included me not fixing her hair. I would love to sit and sing to her while practicing intricate braiding techniques for an hour each day, but she hollers if I so much as brush her hair, so it’s usually just wild and care free…like most six year olds. You will see that I did manage a semi-well done braid on her hair, but not without some bribery.

Then comes baby. My happy, smiling, boy managed to stay up almost all night cutting his first tooth, so he had a pretty consistent zombie gaze for the camera.

So yeah, I’m sorry that I have put so many of your through the misery that is family photos. From outfit coordinating, to facing the blazing hot sun, and shielding meltdown while trying not to loose your sanity. I get it. Thanks for braving it with me every year anyway. You rock. I hope I make the photos worth the agony for you.

“Thanks for braving your family photo session with me”

On another, more helpful note, if you’re wondering what milestones to capture during your babies first year, I highly suggest six month photos. Sessions leading up to six months, (at least AFTER newborn photos) can be awkward. Babies just laying on their backs…you can only do so much with it! Many babies are beginning to sit up at six months, and it’s an adorable stage to capture, when they’re typically at their peek chubbiness!

Lastly, I gotta admit. Even “bad” photos of my babies will eternally be my favorite photos in existence. I can’t get enough of them, in any form.

Yada, yada, here is the part you probably scrolled down for: my sweet Jax’s six month photos, starring his big sister!

Zombie stare exhibit A
How I love capturing that toothy grin
“Harump! I didn’t get any sleep last night because I was gnawing off my mommies nipples with my sore gums!”
Those Summertime freckles. I hope she always embraces her stunning natural beauty.
My squishies!!!
Just stay this little as long as possible, okay dude?

Quick update, ya’ll! I am booking very limited Autumn family sessions. Check out my website here, and contact me at: annaangenend@gmail.com for booking information. Chat soon!



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