Bunnies & Babies | Autumn Family Session

Bunnies & Babies | Autumn Family Session

Bunnies & Babies | Autumn Family Session

I kind of thought my friend was a little crazy when she told me she was going to get one two bunnies. It’s not as if having a business, three kids under five, and a cat makes for a boring life. Is having two bunnies in an apartment really necessary? Don’t you need to have a farm for that?!

Well it turns out bunnies are freaking adorable and pretty swell pets. In fact, I’m struggling to defend my forever insane dog as a pet, in comparison to her tame, cuddly, fuzzy bunnies. Whom, by the way, make great additions to photo shoots. My dog couldn’t pose for me even if the survival of peanut butter and squirrels depended on it.

I don’t know when I’ll just start realizing that Gabriella usually knows best. She’s taught me so much about parenthood, natural birth, and living life with grace, that I guess if she told me that she wanted to add a few exotic lizards to her happy home, I’d just be like: “I’m sure that’s a wonderful addition to your family”.

So see for yourself, she has the cutest bunnies, and makes the sweetest kids.

Marie  Elise




Oona Doll

Bunnies are mostly well behaved for photos, and enjoy a frolic in the freshly grown grass. But occasionally, they slip through the fence and have to be retrieved…

And to top off all the cuteness, we added a squishy baby playing in the dirt. When you are turning one, and ONLY when you’re turning one, is it perfectly acceptable to have a romp in the mud for your birthday photos.

Well anyway, it probably won’t be as cute if you try to pull it off when you’re older…

I mean, c’mon….


That’s all folks! I truly cannot handle any more precious-ness.




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