Brit & Ben + Baby | San Antonio | Maternity Session

Brit & Ben + Baby | San Antonio | Maternity Session

Brit & Ben + Baby | San Antonio | Maternity Session

I can’t even recall the first time that I met Brittany. Our friendship dates back to before I was even born, back when our moms got to know each other.

The earliest memory I have with Brittany, is sitting with our legs dangling between the slats of the upstairs balcony in my house, wishing our play date could turn into a sleepover, and trying to imagine ways we could trick my mom into letting Brittany stay over.  From then on, I have countless memories of nature walks together, movie days, sharing clothes, trying our hands at baking and putting on makeup together for the first time. We shared our toys, craft supplies, sick days, secrets, happiest memories and hardest times. We were at all of each others birthday parties, and close by for all of each others big life events.

There were times we didn’t see each other for awhile. Times we went on seperate adventures, or let other friendships blossom stronger. But every time we got back together, it felt like we hadn’t skipped a beat, and we were still besties at heart.

Having a friend like her from childhood to adulthood has been one of the best gifts I’ve gotten out of life…getting to be pregnant the same time as her and becoming #boymoms together is so magical, I still can’t believe it’s happening!

Needless to say, I was crazy excited to capture these moments in the final countdown to her & Ben’s first littles ones arrival.

I’ve know and admired Brittany through many ups and downs, I cannot wait to watch her become a mom. She has all the spunk, kindness, love of adventures, and wisdom to make the worlds coolest mom. She’s been the most sought after babysitter, and coolest Auntie for years, so I haven’t a single doubt that fulfilling the mom rule will be second nature to her.

In the short time that I have known Ben, it’s stood out to me that he is incredibly hard working, dedicated to family, and shares Brittany’s love of adventure. They’re (obviously) the cutest together, and it’s so darn special to watch someone you have known your whole life, find the right person to spend the rest of their lives with.

So yeah, not that anyone’s awaiting my approval. But I ship them so hard, and they will be the greatest parents EVA.

Congratulations Ben & Brittany!

You are undoubtedly going to be the coolest parents, who’s house all the kids (and I) wanna hang out at.  Your little guy is lucky to have ya’ll. <3

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