Meet My Midwife | Nikki Brown | San Antonio Nurse Midwife

Meet My Midwife | Nikki Brown | San Antonio Nurse Midwife

Meet My Midwife | Nikki Brown | San Antonio Nurse Midwife

I’m not sure why a home birth wasn’t on my radar during my first pregnancy.

We were newlyweds with a surprise baby on the way, scrambling to make ends meet. Neither of our jobs provided insurance, and a home birth seemed out of our reach I suppose. Having babies at home wasn’t unheard of for me, my own mother had me at home, and most of the friends that I grew up with were born at home.

I regret not doing my due diligence and really looking into my options for a home birth, midwife, or birth center at that time. Instead, I looked up a nearby OBGYN with good reviews, and went about birth just as most of my peers were at the time. It was mainstream, and I guess I figured it wouldn’t be “that bad” everybody else was having their babies at a hospital!

Luckily for me, nothing ended in a disaster. But during my pregnancy, and especially looking back now, I see that care was lacking. From prenatal, to delivery (spoiler, I had a c-section) my care consisted of just checking off little boxes. My preferences were barely heard and rarely accepted. Postpartum care was basically non existent.  At best, I received bad breastfeeding advice, and other unhelpful parenting “tips” in the hospital before I was sent on my way. I certainly don’t assume that this is everyone’s experience, but it was mine. Every OB and hospital is different. I have seen a concerning trend amongst recent births, though.

Over the next six years since my daughters birth, I came across lot’s of information and met many mom friends who opened up my mind and my world to natural birth, GOOD care and successful breastfeeding. Birth could be  beautiful, wonderful, bonding! Shout out to my incredible Doula for teaching me so much. I started seeing my past experience more clearly and I realized my c-section was unjustified. I also strongly believe I could have had a very different experience with breastfeeding, had things gone differently during those first two days in the hospital. *p.s. I WISH I had known about the La Leche League when I was breastfeeding…or attempting to.

There is a saying we have all heard, “all that matters is a healthy baby and a healthy mommy”. But is that all that matters? It’s certainly top of our priorities, but I am questioning the sacrifices we make to get there. The experience we have leading up to our healthy baby and healthy mommy really matters, and surely, a good experience during prenatal care and delivery has a better success rate for healthy baby and healthy mommy.  I started questioning why so, so, so, many women were having c-sections, having birth trauma, having difficulty recovering, and not able to breastfeed when they really wanted to. There are many reason why any of these things can happen, but it seemed to me like what should have been an extreme, was  becoming the norm. What really blew my mind, was learning about the incredible benefits for mom and baby that come from immediate skin to skin after birth. Or, allowing our bodies…and are babies, to go through birth as designed! Delayed cord clamping, how the heck did I not even hear about that during my first pregnancy?  Could birth be better? Could recovery go smoother?I believed so, and one name kept



There are, I’m sure, many other midwifes in S.A., and probably some great ones. But I never felt the need to meet them. Nikki’s knowledge and experience blew me away. Plus, it seemed like she was catching all the babies I had been meeting recently, and their mommas always raved about their care.

Before I was even pregnant, home birth seemed a bit like the extreme, or slightly intimidating option. But the more I read and the more I understood about how our bodies and birth works, home was what I wanted.

There are occasions that a hospital is needed for a birth, but again, that should be the exception, not the rule? Right?

I began to visualize my home birth. I would be in my comfort zone, I would be surrounded only by the people I have chosen to help and support me. I could labor in the shower, tub, in bed or on a ball. I could tune out outside distractions and listen to what my body needs to go through labor. I could keep up my energy with some snacking during labor, it is after all.. quite a workout! I could give my body the hydration it needs to get through labor. I could be more in control of my options, even if I was to end up in a hospital, my team would be with me, and sticking as close to my birth plan as possible. I can’t explain how much calmer, confident, and safe I feel with our plan for a home birth. I am looking forward to it! And afterwards, I will already be home with out little bundle of love, and we can choose skin to skin, when he get’s a bath, when his cord is cut, then I can have a meal to replenish. I can rest up in my own bed, or call on my trusted friends for help with breastfeeding if needed. It just seems soooo right.

Nikki (San Antonio Nurse Midwife) has way more experience and l knowledge about pregnancy, birth, and babies than I will EVER have. But you know what? She has still said to me”what does your gut say”. She acknowledge in the beginning of my care with her,  that I know my own body best, and If I think something is off, no matter how big or small, I should consult with her about it. I don’t know if that blows your mind, but it does mine!  A medical professional that cares what I have to say about my body? Wow. cool.

She put me and my husband at so at ease from our first consultation, I don’t have a doubt that I have placed myself and my baby in the best care available.

I look forward to each appointment with her, where we can sit and chat, she’ll take her time to answer any questions I have. When it comes to making choices, she never makes me feel pressured for option A or B, simply supplies me with research and supports me in my choices.

She’s only ever a text away if I have a questions…like, “is it okay that my thigh is numb all the time?” and, “should I be worried if I’m NOT having Braxton Hicks?” At the beginning, she requested that I don’t text her about which cheeses I can consume at 3 :00 a.m., but that seems fair enough! 😉

All of that to say, we love her and we’re so excited to have her on this journey with us as we get ready to welcome our baby boy! Thanks for being the best, Nikki.



…And thanks for choosing me to update your head shots!

Nikki with her youngest, Lenox.



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