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Why We Love Rooted Childhood

Why We Love Rooted Childhood

Why We Love Rooted Childhood
*This post has affiliate links, so it’s both telling you about something we love AND women supporting other women’s business! If you’re keeping count, it’s a win,win,win.

Since Mia’s birth, my favorite things to fill our days with were little crafts and fun sensory play activities. Before she could event stand on her feet, I was dipping them in paint and filling my fridge with “her” artwork.  Now, all of a sudden, getting her hands sticky isn’t as fun!  But some of our best quality time together is still the moments we spend baking, crafting, reading or decorating together.

When all I had was a toddler, I felt very competent at teaching her. Educational  play seemed easy to incorporate into our daily activities. But this year, as we embarked on Kindergarten, I felt some panic sneaking in. “This is it, this is legit! She is officially in SCHOOL! Am I doing enough? Or, am I doting too much? Am I doing the absolute best for her? Thankfully, I have found a curriculum that I love. It has simple and thorough lessons plans laid out for me.  Mia has enjoyed it so far and has already grown in leaps this semester.  
One thing that I felt was lacking from our curriculum was hands on activities for her to do. I did a quick Pinterest search for seasonal educational activities, but my high hopes and my actual accomplishments rarely align and I didn’t get around to picking up the supplies needed for the crafts.
Now it feels like it was all meant to be, because shortly after school had started a friend of ours released Rooted Childhood, and it was exactly what I was needing without my even knowing what I was looking for.
Rooted Childhood is a subscription, of sorts. Whats nice is that you can have the option to purchase one month at a time, seasonally, or annually. Each months comes with seasonally appropriate poems, songs, crafts, recipes, and inspiration for quality bonding and crafting time with your children. The activities are easily adapted for a wide range of ages. Both Mia and I have enjoyed working through the activities together,  and in the end, we have made something that I can proudly display in our home! If you are familiar with Charlotte Mason or Waldorf, this will fit even more seamlessly into your families rhythm. It has been such a blessing, because it is the perfect compliment to our studies this year.
Homemade Spiced Dough
I was so impressed by the time and effort that clearly went into designing Rooted Childhood. It’s all put together so nicely with a supply list and tips right at the beginning, so you can easily plan out your month.
Here is a peak at a few of the things we did in September. October is available now! I got to peak at October, and it a has all the wonderful-ness and fun that Autumn can offer in some beautiful and lovely family activities. I’ve been recommending this to all my homeschool friends,  but I also think it’s the perfect way to unwind after school, or on rainy and cold weekends.
Twine Wrapped Mason Jars

Honestly, her site is straight up way more beautiful than mine, so go check it out and you can sign up there: Rooted Childhood by Practically Hippie 

When you order yours, use code: annaangenend10 for 10% off!

I can’t wait to hear about how much you love it! Share your crafts and activities with me in the comments.

Happy crafting, happy baking, happy Fall! Hooray!


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