Spoil Me | Kids Spa

Spoil Me | Kids Spa

Spoil Me | Kids Spa

We decided not to have a birthday party for Mia this year. I expected to feel some mom guilt over it, but after all her birthday festivities are said and done…I feel none. She insisted several times during her birthday week, that it was the “best birthday ever”, and I LOVED skipping the party planning hassle.

I did stay up late the night before her big day filling up balloons and stringing up streamers to surprise her with when she woke up/ She was thrilled when she saw it in the morning. Kids are pretty simple, eh? We had a lot of fun baking her cake together, and she made it exactly as she wished. Two chocolate layers, strawberry and banana layers, strawberry filling, chocolate icing, and decorated with cookies.

When I told her that we weren’t going to have a party, but a fun outing instead, she said “can I at least have cake with Grandma?” Of course! We had Grandma, Papi, Great grandma, her cousins and her besties over for a pancake dinner on her birthday, it kind of did feel like a party after all! But there were no hired super heroes, treat bags, pricy venues, or activities, phew!

There are so many fantastic fun activities in San Antonio and surrounding areas, that it was hard to choose which special thing we could do for her birthday! When I discovered this kids spa, I knew it was something I would have absolutely loved as a little kid. Correction, I still love me a good spa day!  But how cute is it in mini version?! Mia was sold on the idea the second I mentioned it, so we booked a day at the spa for her and her besties.

Many of you asked me where the heck we were when you saw my post on social media. Probably because you died of a cute attack just like I did when I saw these cutie patooties with mini spa robes and cucumbers on their eyes!  We went to Spoil Me Kids Spa, in San Antonio, TX (off of Huebner Rd.)

I’m always hopeful to share some love and support for family owned local businesses, but I have to keep it honest…

I wondered if the experience would be “cheesy”, or if they would use some generic gunk for the kids facials. I can assure you, it was only cheesy in the cutest way, and everyone there absolutely made the girls feel like royalty. We had so much fun, and I left very pleased with the experience!

Mia was tickled pink to have pink lemonade handed to her in a plastic champagne flute when she arrived, and was even happier with the choice of refreshments for her (chips, fruit snacks, or cookies). They used an all natural avocado face mask, that was very gentle on all the girls skin. Mia asked if it would “get rid of pimples”, as if her baby face has any flaws! 😀

Is secondhand relaxation a thing? My face feels all numb and relaxed just watching her get a facial! need someone needs to book me a spa day…stat. 😉

After the pedi’s and facials, the girls got manicures to top it off.

There is also a package that offers makeup and there are a la carte add ons like glitter tattoos, make your own lipgloss or sugar scrub, and more. Their individual spa day packages range from $20-$40, and they have other fun activities for party groups too. You can check it all out on their website.

The whole experience will definitely go down in some of Mia’s favorite memories, and one of mine too!

We’ve already been telling everyone about it who has complimented Mia’s sparkly nails, but now you know too! If you’re looking for an extra special way to show your kiddos some TLC, I 10/10 recommend Spoil Me Kids Spa.

P.s., it wouldn’t hurt to follow their FB page! I was checking it out today, and it looks like they have lot’s of fun special events on weekend/weekdays, and occasional special deals during the week!

Before you go, let me know what your best birthday memory is in the comments.

Until next time,

Thanks for reading!

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