“Leisure Reading” | Pregnancy Diaries Pt. 10

“Leisure Reading” | Pregnancy Diaries Pt. 10

“Leisure Reading” | Pregnancy Diaries Pt. 10

There are some really great things about pregnancy 2.0.

This time around, I feel like I have got a grip on things. I KNOW what’s next. First of all, I know that I will never be able to accurately anticipate all the curveballs parenthood will throw at me. I still pray daily that I am not massively screwing this all up. I do feel like I’ve gotten slightly better at handling those curveballs, or at least not sweating the petty things. Basically I will always be late to everything, and I just don’t care anymore! But the other day I noticed dust bunnies collecting on my week-by week pregnancy guide, I thought about picking it up and dusting it off, but then just reached for my Autumn edition of Better Homes mag instead. Truth is, this baby is gonna keep on growing wether I’m eating the lentil soup recipe in chapter 22 or not!

For the first time, I really, really appreciate all that knowledge I’ve picked up since 2012. I know that rear facing is best until college, I sing a little “clip on nips!” jig to myself every time I buckle my child into their carseat. I’ve read countless articles on vaccinating, circumcising, breastfeeding, baby led weaning, allergies, natural birth, c-sections, baby proofing, silent drowning, postpartum depression, helicopter parenting, free range parenting, co-sleeping, potty training, I KNOW THE GRAPES HAVE TO BE CUT IN HALF.

I’ve learned that cribs, and changing tables are pretty much useless in my home.

It’s cleared up a  lot of mental space for me to be able to  spend more time thinking about how tiny his toes will be, and how adorable those baby yawns are. How quickly that newborn phase will be, and even if I don’t sleep, I know that in about five years I’ll be able to have a full nights rest again,  have (semi) uninterrupted conversations, and even going out to eat will be fun again eventually.

First time parents, I am sorry. The nine month crash course for parenthood is brutal, and rarely fully prepares you for what happens next. You don’t even know what you don’t know in the beginning, until you stumble across an article on Facebook and realize that you were accidentally putting your child’s life at risk! The carseat experts and parenting psychologist seem hard to find, and impossible to get straight answers from.  But they’re just not in your bubble yet! Soon you won’t event be able to avoid them. Soon you will build your parenthood tribe, and you will have more knowledge, some of it useless, that you know what to do with. My advice would be to look for parents who you admire, offer to hire them a babysitter (they will for sure take you up on this) and ask them your bajillion questions over dinner.

It get’s easier and harder all at the same time. You will never run out of questions to ask, you will never run out of problems, but eventually you won’t be so damned stressed over whether or not the carseat is installed properly or if someone is hacking your baby monitors. So, that parts nice.

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