Oooom Mom | Pregnancy Diaries Pt.8

Oooom Mom | Pregnancy Diaries Pt.8

Oooom Mom | Pregnancy Diaries Pt.8

My intense workouts have gradually turned into  just variations of me rolling around on a yoga ball. Chest & back, or bi’s & tri days have been switched for deep “birthing” squats, pelvic floor strengthening, and hip opening stretches. I think it’s awesome that many women continue intense workouts throughout pregnancy, I’ve just struggled to judge what the right amount of pushing myself is when I also really value rest and relaxation while growing this little one. Most of all, I’m just avoiding the backaches at all cost. One day, I woke up and called about three chiropractors because I could barley walk without limping around, none of them were available that day.  But it turns out, 45 minutes of rolling on a yoga ball can work wonder for backaches or kinks. I’ve never related to hamster so much before in my life!

Also, I’ve never been more aware of my lack of ability to focus when all of a sudden I remember I WAS doing a kegel, but when did the kegel end? Am I still doing a kegel? How long had I done the kegel for? And then I just have to start all over again.

To prepare for this birth, I have been doing a lot of brain training: mindfulness, deep breathing, focus, releasing stress. I thought I was good at this before, but I’ve made big strides that have helped in so many aspects of my life.  It has been hugely beneficial to eliminate anxiety, and just soak up this wonderful and crazy thing my body is doing right now.

Mia boasts much better balance than I, but her center of gravity isn’t thrown off by and extra 10 lb.s resting on her pelvis, so I’ll just keep on keeping on with my badly balanced self.

It seems that we have settled on the name

Jaxon Drake Angenend. <3

We got a good report from our 20 week ultrasound, and I am just feeling all bubbly happy, calm and thankful for our miracle.

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