Samantha + Sheyenne | Engagement

Samantha + Sheyenne | Engagement

Samantha + Sheyenne | Engagement

I’m so excited that Samantha & Sheyenne reached out to me to do their engagement photos during their quick visit to San Antonio. I really loved planning the session with them, meeting them, and capturing these moments. <3

Planning your dream photo session in a town you’re not local to, can present some challenges. I want to share with you my tips for feeling like a local in any city.

In this case, I had plenty of locations to suggest to Samantha since I have been living in S.A. for years! Still, I wanted her to be able to get a feel for what each location looked like. I sent her many example galleries from previous sessions I have done all over S.A once I discovered what type of setting they were interested in.  Google images search is another great way to get a feel for a location.

We decided to meet at the iconic Hemisfair park in downtown San Antonio.  love the variety this locations offer, as is it right across the st. from the quant La Villlita, and leads down the the historic theater on the Riverwalk.  We even have the famous tower of Americas in our backdrop.

Personally, I love the blend of greenery with city vibes.

I love to gather as much personal backstory as I can before planning out a session. In the case of an engagement session, I wan to know:

How did ya’ll meet?

What do ya’ll like to do together?

What are some favorite hobbies?

These details can help infuse personality into a session.

Another great place to start is:

What style would look best displayed in your home?

What setting fits your personality best?

How do you want to dress for your session, what location would work best for that?

If you’re still really not sure what you want, or there are too many fabulous options, scroll through Pinterest and pin the images that you like the most. Is there a common theme or setting among the images that jumped out at you?


When it gets down to photo day, leave it in the hands of your photographer to put you at ease in front of the camera.

We all struggle with what to do with our hands, and which of our sides photographs best. But your photographer should (and will, if it’s me!) have tips for all of that.

Some of my favorite prompts are:

“Give each other butterfly kisses”

“Whisper something in their ear that you love about them”

“Hug them like you just went a year without seeing them”

“Show me what your first kiss was like”

A classic spin or a dip never fails either. Lastly, I usually have a few corny jokes up my sleeve that will hopefully warrant some giggles.

If you have questions about planning for your session, please leave them in the comments.

I hope you find these tips helpful as you prepare for your next photo shoot. 

Shout out to these two for ROCKING their session, despite some jet lag and an early morning session.

Congratulations to Samantha & Sheyenne. Happy wedding planning! 

Interested in booking a session with me? I’d love to work with you! Contact me here.

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