Samantha Miley | Personal Trainer

Samantha Miley | Personal Trainer

Samantha Miley | Personal Trainer

personal trainer for moms

Sometimes when your path crosses with someone, you just feel that it was destiny, that ya’ll were meant for each other in this stage of life.

Is that too sappy? Well, I’m not sorry I said it! This woman right here has rocked my year, and it’s a blessing to know her.

She’s the type of mom who will “straighten another moms crown without telling the world it was crooked”- A quote I saw on Facebook.

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She’s picking up the slack for something that San Antonio is lacking. A place for moms to workout, with no judgement, with an excellent trainer, and in a place  where you can bring your kids along with you. That last part sealed the deal for me. She will even modify workouts for baby wearing.

It’s important to note, all that WITHOUT paying

+gym fees

+childcare fees

I won’t go into too much detail about my own fitness journey with her, if you follow me you have probably heard a lot about it already! In short, she’s really amazing at what she does. Imagine knowledge + experienced being married to passion + kindness, and that’s what you get with Samantha!

I wanted to create some images for her that show both sides of  who she is.  She’s a beat in the gym, and still juggling all the ups and downs of #momlife

She’s really easy on my camera, and we had a lot of fun together. 😉

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