Family Bluebonnet Photos

Family Bluebonnet Photos

Family Bluebonnet Photos

Hey, ya’ll! It’s Anna here, (if that’s not obvious already).

I’m wrapping up another super fun bluebonnet season,  and I want to share with ya’ll my favorite looks and “must know” tips for a successful Texas traditions session.

I’m not going to tell you what to wear, I want to see your personality shine! But since it is my most asked question, I’m going to share some visuals with you.  These are some common outfit themes for bluebonnet photos, and they always nail it.

  1. Matchy– Denim and white, the timeless classic bluebonnet photos “uniform”
  2. Neutral– leave the bold colors to the sun, grass and florals, and compliment it with some beige and cream with lace or a sun hat!
  3. Complimentary colors: Go full spring and wear colors that compliments that green and blue setting. My personal favorites are choral and deep yellow. A pastel pallet is also a big hit (think Easter).

How to dress a group:

For a group of three or more, I recommend choosing one of the above themes and staying within those guidelines. If the outfits are in solids, cream and denim or yellow can all look really nice together! If the outfits are a pastel plaid, or a busy floral, I suggest that usually only two people where a busy pattern and have a few solid outfits to keep it from looking to busy! I’m always drawn to looks that let the natural beauty of the setting shine, and not distract. The exception to the rule is to have a colorful scarf, shoes, or a statement piece of jewelry with a solid outfit.

Check out a few of the looks my clients rocked this year:

What to bring?

You CAN show up empty handed, and let me handle the props, and everything else! But if you want to go the extra mile to ensure success, here are some common things that helps kids (and parents) out.

  1. Bug spray– It won’t ruin your outfit, and it can help you to be a lot more comfortable during your session. Often times the mosquitoes are coming out around the same time the wildflowers are.
  2. Water bottles– Because, #TEXASHEAT
  3. Child’s favorite toy, or second favorite. If they have a toy that they love, but they don’t love it SO much that they wouldn’t let me hold it…that can be the perfect thing to get their attention on the camera.  A favorite song works well too. Just let me know which one to sing. 😉
  4. Wipes– always a necessity with kids. Whether it’s boogers from Spring allergies, or leftovers from dinner that was eaten in the car, these are helpful to have on hand.
  5. Close toed shoes– thankfully, I have never run into snakes on the job, but I always wear boots and scope out the grass before I pose my clients in the flowers. It doesn’t hurt to take the extra precaution for yourself or your littles, whether it’s protection from snakes, or little insects lurking.

Hope these tips help! If you’re in San Antonio TX or the surrounding areas, I’m the gal that takes your photos!

Interested in working with me?! I’d love to hear from you! You can see more work or contact me here.

Thanks for reading!

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