Cars, Guitars, Pups & Swings! | Calland Family Session

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Cars, Guitars, Pups & Swings! | Calland Family Session

Cars, Guitars, Pups & Swings! | Calland Family Session

I know I say this all the time, but I really do adore the families I get to work with, and the Calland family is no exception. The last time I was in their home was five years ago. I was going to post a flashback image….but I don’t even have one on my computer! We originally met back when I was still mailing out photos on disks. In other words, they are the O.G.’s of my little photography business!

Do you know that feeling you experience when you realize just how much has changed in five years? But also how many things stayed just the same?  It felt like that walking into their home. I was greeted by the same happy smiles, sweet giggles, and loud barking dog. Their home is brimming with places to make family memories, like the treehouse, or the fire pit out back, and I instantly fell in love with it.  It makes me think back to all the memories I made with my siblings running around in our yard. I’m so happy they chose to capture a bit of what their lives are like now, in one of their favorite places…their own home.

I just can’t explain how wonderful it is to have these consistences in my life, and the photos to remember it all by. I hope that these images are that much, and even more special to them.

That face when your sister says she’s driving!
This is better.

They were my first of many bluebonnet sessions in 2018!

Thank you Calland family for welcoming me into your home again. It’s always a joy. See you in five years? 😉


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