Mornings With The De Loera’s

Mornings With The De Loera’s

Mornings With The De Loera’s

Think back to a Saturday morning at your home during your childhood, does it have a bit of a magical feeling to it? I remember the feeling I had on those days that I could spend some extra time laying in bed, or wake up to the smell of coffee and waffles. Saturdays were are “free days”, no school, no church. I hated it when we got invited to weddings on Saturdays, because then I had to get dressed up on my lazy Saturday!  Many weekends, the soundtrack I awoke too was my dad mowing grass or leaf blowing. By the time I waddled into the garage (probably with an arm full of stuffed animals) to “help” he smelled of coffee and gasoline.

Whatever your favorite Saturday morning breakfast was, or whatever T.V. show you could watch, remember that warm fuzzy feeling that weekend mornings had? I loved getting to capture some of those warm fuzzies for this family.

Every time I am in their home, I feel surrounded by love, positive vibes, and wonderful company. “Spying” on their Sunday morning together proved no different that my other visits, there were giggles from the time I arrived until I left, there was warm coffee, cozy snuggles, and a delicious meal. It’s a home full of love and happiness. And it’s all those simple things that make life so wonderful. Don’t you wish you could hold onto these magical childhood moment forever? I mean, you kind of can…with a photo session. 😉

I like to think of this style of session as a time capsule. Moments that seem insignificant now, may put a big smile on your face when you think of them a few years down the road. And as kids grow older, they will love to be reminded of  what their favorite snacks, outfits, toys and activities were.

I have to tell you all, JP & Mariana have made the (sweetest) and most photogenic kids I’ve ever met!
Ania is such an amazing big sister, helping her siblings pour their milk. <3
Bastian is so easily delighted, I heard several squeals of joy from him as he enjoyed his strawberries.
True romance is when you’re both willing to cook and wash some dishes together. 😉
Weekend shenanigans at their best, right here!

“Our love built this”

Mariana & JP, thank you for welcoming me into your home. I hope that for many, many, years to come, you, your kids, and maybe one day some grandkids, will look back at these photos, and remember these lovely, lazy weekend mornings fondly.  <3
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