Health Is A Journey | Food Journal

Health Is A Journey | Food Journal

Health Is A Journey | Food Journal

Health is a journey, don’t you think? I can’t do a 180 overnight, because I don’t think I would be successful.  I have limited amounts of self control! I want to set myself up for success in a healthy lifestyle, I’m not making changes for a weight loss goal, I’m making changes for a healthy and fit lifestyle. Everyone has different loves, and different health needs. I am in the process of defining my own. For one thing, I have kissed bread goodbye this week, at least for now, but I do not like coffee with almond milk in it! I keep trying it, I might enjoy it once (in a time when I’m DESPERATE for coffee) but overall, a delicious cup of coffee with some cream and sugar, is something I really, really want to enjoy daily.

I enjoy learning what “health hacks” have been successful for others. Food is such an amazing and complex medicine, I have so much to learn about it!

Three hacks that have helped me in my health journey:

  1. Drinking Water

Hydration has always come with a side of guilt for me, doesn’t it seem like the health food community is always reminding us how we need to drink more water? Especially at the peak of Texas Summers. Hydrate, hydrate, hydrate! Drink, drink drink! Drink first thing in the morning, drink before bed, drink 8 gallons a day!

I’m not sure there is any point of my life that I was fully and properly hydrated, until now. Hydration is key in preparation for my workouts, and for recovery. I’ve made a conscience effort to sip on water all throughout my day, and I have about tripled my liquid intake! But I’ve added some tricks that are helping me ENJOY drowning  myself.

  • Fill up a giant, travel friendly, mug of water in the morning
  • Add frozen fruit -delicious sip-able flavor, and keep my drink chilly
  • Add 1 drop of lemon, or fresh squeezed lemon juice
  • Add a mint leaf

Not only is lemon great for cleansing, but having water bursting with bright flavors has got me reaching for my cup all day long.

Also, I find it easier to sip all day through a straw, but I feel really bad for the plastic waste I am creating.  I need to order these stainless steel or bamboo straws here:

Have you tried them?

*this is an affiliate link

Second hack:

I started using this oil blend in place of olive oil about 6 months ago. It’s delicious in baked good, stir fry, and much more and has a much higher smoke point than olive oil.

You can get some here:

*this is an affiliate link

Third hack:

My sweet friend Vanessa, has blessed me with some essential oils, and she also shares all kinds of amazing recipes, and homemade DIY goodness on her FB. I have loved essential oils for ages, but only diffused them and never imagine using them in food. I have since learned that (small amounts) of (some) oils are wonderful! A drop or lemon oil in a pan of roasted veggies is so good, and really livened up these brussel sprouts. It’s easier for me to keep on hand then a bag of lemons, and it has a much longer shelf life.

What health hacks have made your journey easier?



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