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The Tooth Fairy Meets The Angenend’s

The Tooth Fairy Meets The Angenend’s

The Tooth Fairy Meets The Angenend’s

When Ryan & I discovered Mia’s first two loose teeth, she did not share the same sentiments as us. We burt into cheers, she burst into tears.

Naturally, she had some concerns: Would all her teeth come out at once? Would it hurt? How could she eat with holes in her mouth?

I’ve been a mom for five year now, and I’ve figured out that almost no struggle cannot be overcome with a good story and some shiny new toys.

Our friend recommended this sweet book about the tooth fairy, Silverlicious, Mia loved it!

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She also got much more excited about her tooth coming out, once she had this cute pillow to tuck it into. She may have slept with it for several nights leading up to the tooth fairy actually visiting.

Our dog got a hold of the princess pillow, so that tooth got some cavities…whoopsies!

On the back the pillows have a pouch to slide the tooth into, they also come with a book of “tooth certificates” so you can mark which tooth came out.

They thought of everything and I LOVE it!

On Tuesday, January 9th, Mia’s first tooth was primed to come out, but she wanted to wait for daddy to be here to witness it, and honestly, I also thought it would be too good a milestone for him to miss.

By Wednesday morning, that tooth couldn’t hold on any longer.  It was difficult for her to eat with it bouncing around in her mouth, It just needed a little tug from me. It feels like as much of a milestone as a mom as it is for Mia, I pulled out my daughters first tooth! She gripped my phone tightly and watched Octonauts while I popped out the tooth…and she did great, until afterwards!

A few moments after her tooth came out, she started begging for me to put it back. She was convinced that she couldn’t eat with a whole in her mouth. She needed some snuggles and reassurance that this was natural, everything went perfectly well, and it would be fun to squish her tongue through the tooth gap! haha

A few hours later, she was proudly showing off her new gap to everyone, and repeatedly checking out her new smile in the mirror. She let daddy know what she wanted to write to the tooth fairy, and drew a picture for her.

We decided on $3 for the first tooth, and painted it with sparkly nail polish before we tucked it into the tooth pillow. Mia was excited about the money, but also went looking to see if the fairy had “left glitter on the front door when she came in” and also said that tooth fairies leave a trail of chocolate kisses. I hadn’t heard about that before, is Hershey’s trying to get branded with the tooth fairy? In any case, she gave me some good ideas for the next tooth!

This is her “aren’t you done taking picture yet?”

So, I guess I am!


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