Food Journal -Day 1

Food Journal -Day 1

Food Journal -Day 1


My trainer:” Oh, and keep a food journal so I have a good idea of your eating habits”


Wouldn’t she rather just peer into my soul for all of eternity? Because I am way more comfortable with that.  What are the guidelines here, if I salivate over a cream cheese coffee cake in the H-E-B aisle for 10 minutes, do I ned to document that? What about my recurring cheddar popcorn dream?

Well in true photographers from, I’ve decided to keep a photo food journal. So she’s getting images she never wanted, and you’re getting cooking tips you never asked for. Yay you!

But hang on…this is worth knowing, I have the key to keeping freezer veggies crunchy, and if I dare say so myself…I am the master of potatoes with crispy outer layers, and soft insides.

And if you’re wondering what that crumbly stuff all over the green beans is, its a whole lotta GARLIC baby.

Look at me working out and eating all healthy and shit at the beginning of a new year. I’m as annoyed with myself as you are with me.

Full disclosure, I am downing a cinnamon horchata beer as I write this, and I will NOT apologize for that! 

I’m not going to post actual recipes, because ain’t nobody got time for that!

But here is what I did:

Sautéed onions, green beans, and some mushrooms in a pan with a little bit of butter, garlic, salt, pepper, and a dash of Worcestershire sauce. The key to crunchy veggie straight outta the freezer? Don’t steam or roast them, sauté it! (did you already know this, and I am a moron who served my crunchy -veggies loving husband, soft and limp veggies for two years?!)

I wanted buttery flavorful oven bakes sweet potatoes, but once again…ain’t nobody got time for that! So I diced these up small, heated a coconut & sunflowers oil in my pan (I always use sunflower or coconut oil for cooking, because it doesn’t turn into a trans fat at a medium heat like olive oil or butter). Threw those potatoes in, and let them crisp up on the edges (with no lid on the pan) then I poured a 1/4 cup of water in the pan, and put the lid on it to steam the potatoes…bam, ready in 15 minutes. I love the natural sweetness and texture of sweet potatoes, I don’t add any seasoning to mine!

Here is what I did for the turkey:

Got into my car, drove 20 minutes and picked it up at the BBQ place. Bam, done!

In conclusion…

The good news:

Dinner was delicious, and  a food journal actually seems like a great idea. Like even if my trainer no longer cares AT. ALL. what I am eating, I will maybe just start telling random people on the street, because now I feel like I need to be on my best behavior.

The bad news:

The minute dinner is over, my brain and body tells me: “Hooray! you have been such a good girl eating your veggies, now give us something sweet!”

No, brain!

No, body!

Pms…..I’ll probably give into you.



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