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Welcome Home Josh & Karissa | New Home Photo Session

Welcome Home Josh & Karissa | New Home Photo Session

Welcome Home Josh & Karissa | New Home Photo Session

I could write the fairytale version of this day on my blog, and nobody would be the wiser. However, real life is unexpected and messy, no matter how well you plan for it. So I will tell you the story exactly as this day happened. adorable phoetos in new hous

When the day finally came for Josh & Karissa to get the keys to their new beautiful home, it came in with a bang and a boom a lightning strike and a torrential downpour. I am not one to shy away from a moody, rainy day session, but I prefer not to drown myself and my car in a river that used to be a road. So I kept my fingers crossed and my eye on the weather updates, hoping for some sun to evaporate the flooding between me and their new home.

By 3:00 it looked like smooth sailing, the show would go on as planned! Until my phone rang. The keys had taken a detour on their way into Josh & Karissa’s hands, and the session would need to be pushed back 30 minutes. A quick call to my babysitter, and to my MIL who I was meeting for dinner, and the time had been switched, no problem!

I decided to go ahead and head thier way, and snap a few photos of the house while I waited. Half way to the house I received another call. The keys were still M.I.A. and no one was answering the phone! I decided to pull into a gas station and wait until further notice. It only took a few minutes for Karrisa to call me back, they had contacted someone and things would work out! Whew. I continued on my way.

photo shot of moving day

I was so excited when we all pulled up to the house. What an exciting day for such a sweet couple, and I was so happy to be here and capture it.

couples shoot in first home

But alas, the keys were still off on their own adventure and we didn’t have access to the house.

“I can’t recreate THIS!” Karissa exclaimed motioning to her perfectly curled hair. She had done everything she could for things to go smoothly today, and she looked amazing! Sadly, it was looking like this day was going to be a waste of makeup.  Sometimes life just doesn’t want to go along with your plans! We started discussing some times I could come back, and we could try again.


“Well, we can at least take photos in front of the house”

new home shoot

new house photo shoot

new home shoot for first time home owners

adorable couple photos

shoot in a brand new home

photo shoot in new home

photo shoot for first time home oweners

first time home buyers

Yeah, we are “posers”. This is not THE key, but sometimes you just have to make things work.

At this point, we had taken quite a few shots outside and we were in talks of breaking through a window…not really though. Then they got a call, they had a garage code! Maybe, just MAYBE the garage door would be unlocked.

IT WAS! The show could go on.

first time in new home photo shoot

breaking in the home photos

Karissa has the perfect amount of “extra”  in her life. She showed up with custom welcome mats, pillows, and beautiful hand made signs. #dreamclient.

first day in our new house

Despite the challenges throughout the day, we had so much fun together. I would have preferred that Karissa didn’t have to feel stressed, but she handled it all so wonderfully. In the end, I’m sure we wouldn’t change the day. All is well that ends well, right? I’m sure eventually they will get the keys to their beautiful new home.  😉

photos in new house

we bought a house photo shoot

welcome home photo shoot

Congratulations you two. Your home is beautiful, go fill it with years worth of happy memories.

Give Josh & Karissa some warm wishes for this new chapter of their lives in the comments!

brand new house photos shoot



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