How I Reset My Mood & Mindset

How I Reset My Mood & Mindset

How I Reset My Mood & Mindset

I believe that I am a positive person. I learned a long time ago that most people don’t really care about my problems. No one enjoys the company of a constant complainer, and a negative mood or attitude has never bettered someones circumstances or changed a situation for good.

Still, some days (or years) just feel like they’re out to get you. Sometimes a situation just plain SUCKS. Many times I’ve called my husband in a huff and he reminds me to choose happiness, to which I usually respond with a dramatic eye roll, a loud sigh and a “I just want to be mad for a minute!”

What really irritates me though, is that deep down I know he is right. I have to let go of my frustrations, and choose to make the day better. And guess what? It’s hard for circumstances, or people to get you down when you’re making a conscious effort to be positive…and I firmly believe that:

positivity breeds positive interactions, attracts positive people and in turn makes your days better and more productive. 

Okay, so when things are just going wrong over and over again and I just need a HARD RESET, where do I start?

I start with…


Stop wherever you are, clear your mind, and focus on a deep & cleansing breath.

Take three of those.


Make your intentions and desires clear. Speak them into existence. For some, this can be the first step in manifesting what you want into your life. For me, it’s clearing my frustrations and worries out of my mind by saying it aloud, and letting it go. It’s also like hearing your best friend tell you, “it’s okay, you got this!”.


I love to use this oil in a diffuser or add a drop to a carrier oil and rub some onto my chest. It really is very calming.


When it comes to my business, if something did not go the way I hoped or when I am dealing with financial stress I like to remind myself of how small I really am. Even though this may feel like a huge problem to me, the world around me is still going to be absolutely fine…and yes, I will be fine too (and so will you!). Hey, at least you’re not the person in charge of the losing millions of dollars at the FYRE festival, right?


What is the lesson to be learned here? Is there something I can do differently the next time this happens? Is this something I need to avoid altogether? Or maybe I just need to learn how to be more patience, understanding, or forgiving. How can I better myself form this situation? Learn the lesson.


A holistic Dr. taught my mom this practice during her battle with cancer. First thing in the morning, she walk walk through the dewy grass barefoot. It has something to do with discharging all the junk in the air that we collect throughout the day, like wifi pollution. When she would describe her morning walk to me, it would give my body a craving to kick of my shoes and dig my feet into some dewy grass and fresh earth. Don’t knock it until you try it! Okay?!

For me, this is a 3 step process to connecting with nature that helps me to reset my mood.

1) Logoff – the source of my frustration (even if its just the bad news bearer) is usually coming from my computer or phone, so it’s important for me to switch off the wifi and take a little time out.


2) Go outside with your kids, husband or dog, and focus on what matters (them)

3) Get moving. Dig your toes into some dirt, chase your kids around, go for a jog, or do some kickboxing. This is a great way to physically let out the hurt, anger,  frustration and release some endorphins!



Do you guys PROMISE not to judge me? Please? Okay, here goes….

MyhappyplaceisChristmas. Whew. I said it.  Christmas music, decorations, or scents have a calming affect on me. Christmas music is like some kind of a mood tranquilizer to me. Feel free to send me your psycho evaluations, but I really think it’s just something filled with happy memories, and I feel like nothing bad can happen on Christmas! (please don’t shatter my wonderful illusion) So yes, I’m probably having a rough day (or turning a rough day around) if you catch me watching a holiday film or listening to Bing Crosby Christmas.

You may have a more “normal” happy place, like a latte in your hand and a stroll through Hobby Lobby. Or a comfy chair in a nearby botanical gardens. Wherever it is, go to there!


Let it go! You can’t hold me back anymore!! Oh sorry, my “I’m the mom to a 4 year old girl” took over for a minute.  Are you feeling better yet? Now it’s time to move on. You can handle it. Things will get better. You will be okay.


I hope this can help some of you to turn that frown upside down.  Do you have a tried and true mood booster when you need a “hard reset”?  Please let me know what’s helped you!



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