Family Pictures with a Purpose

Family Pictures with a Purpose

Family Pictures with a Purpose

My amazing friend, personal fashion icon and stylist for my clients, is sharing the story behind her style inspiration for her family photos with me.  Please welcome, Meek Monroe!


“I am a strong believer that everything in life has a purpose; hence, when arranging my family of four to take family portraits, I have that same mindset when deciding what to wear and how to be photographed.  Considering these photos will tell our story; I want to get it right.  I want to ensure the picture onlookers see our vision behind the photos although there aren’t any words.  Let me tell you a story.  A story about our purpose for photographing this year’s Spring portraits with Anna Angenend Photography.

what to wear for family photos

My relationship with Anna, started back in the Fall of 2016; in which we connected for photos for my fashion blog, Skinnee Girl Confidence.  Anna and I worked together on several projects prior to deciding to use her services for my family’s portraits.  Her work for my fashion projects exceeded my expectations by far and terribly WOWed my followers, which made it a no-brainier that I’d allow her vision  to share the story of my family for this Spring.  A date was set and history was made.

As I brainstormed on how to dress my family for the photo session, my mind constantly gravitated towards mom (me) being the odd ball in the pictures.  Mom wearing something different from the crew; yet, a look that pulled the entire family back together.  Since I already had my dresses chosen, I had to decide how I would dress my daughters and husband alike all while coordinating my threads to compliment there’s.  Since we were wearing two looks, I chose 1 look that could be worn year-round and the other to represent Spring.  This way I would have photos for temporary placement and some that could be permanent; since I am a wall decorator and love incorporating family photos in with the décor.

how to stye a family shoot

With all of the planning behind family photos, mom is the standout person bringing it all together.  That’s why our purpose for the family photos this year was to share that mom stands out in everything that she does.  “The mom” runs the show.  “The mom” keeps the children kept.  “The mom” coordinates the spouse.  “The mom” brainstorms the family’s future.  “The mom” is the mold that sticks upon every surface in the family’s little world.  This was a way of showing exactly who “mom” is to the brood.  To giving “mom” that recognition she deserves; as that standout person in the family who can go away and be far out, yet still coordinating the bushel of hay back home.  That’s who I am to my family.  I am all of these things regardless of my location. My family cannot move without my green light; not because I do not allow them too, but because I am mom.  What mom says goes.  What mom wants happens.  What mom thinks rule.  What mom does is meaningful.  So as that mom who is the world to my family; I took it upon myself to dress differently, in our portraits, to standout and show the world that I carry my brood.  I carry them by my side ensuring that they are alright.  No matter my well-being; they will never go undone.  That’s what our purpose was in our photos: recognition of mom because I am a STANDOUT mother and wife.

Although each little smile shows perfection and every little coil is in place; that’s not all of who we are.  We have zero perfection to offer and none to give; nor have we/will we ever try.  The true story is… I am aggressive in my demeanor and persistent in my wants.  Cody is grumpy, unorganized, and stubborn beyond belief.  Claire is a whiny 6-year old, spoiled to the nines.  Cydney says and does whatever she wants (use your imagination).  Both girls have daddy wrapped around their fingers and I am spoiled with the luxuries of life I knew nothing about; and daddy wants for nothing because we assure he has the world.  That is our family dynamic.  That is our mold.  In our world, I call the shots ensuring we do not fall apart and to keep us safe from worry or harm.  In these photos, this is our world.  A world where we live with a(n) me/mom/I/woman who is down for the cause of being a stand out, show up, encore performing, showstopping, headlining kind of mom keeping the family together.  We are The Monroes.


For your upcoming photography plans; here are a few TIPS to keep in mind for choosing your family looks.

  • Understand the purpose behind your photos and dress to that thought

    how to dress for family pictures

  • Be creative.  Now is the time to create lasting memories for years to come, so you want to look great doing so.  The denim and white is lovely, but you can do better than that.  How about incorporating colors, animal print, camouflage, patterns, etc

Skinnee Girl Confidence

  • Take into consideration where the photos will be taken as that also matters. ie for bluebonnet photos, you may want to stay away from wearing blue or floral patterned clothing.  

  • Wear bold colors and pieces that complement the overall look.  

  • Never look dull.

  • If you are uncertain about the looks you’ve chosen, odds are you need to choose again.  You want to choose looks that you are 100% ready to show the world”


Meek is an entrepreneur, mother, and stylist sharing amazing tips and inspiration on all things fashion over at Skinnee Girl Confidence. Go over to her page and fall in love with her unique style!

Thank you for sharing a peek into your world with us, Meek!

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  • Key Jones says:

    I love this blog and the photos!!!! Meek Monroe is an amazing stylist honey!!!! She is definitely bold and fabulous. Keep the great work guys!

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