Deployment Homecoming Photo Session

Deployment Homecoming Photo Session

Deployment Homecoming Photo Session

On Saturday, I had the honor of photographing a very special reunion.

Welcome home from deployment photos

“It feels like my wedding day!” I felt that same excitement too. I was so happy for my sweet friend and client to see this day finally come. I took their holiday photos shortly after her husband deployed, and that seemed like ages ago. I can’t imagine everything they had both been through during those long months a part, but today they were going to be reunited.

The air was crisp with a chilly wind, very unusual for a mid April weekend in San Antonio, but a gorgeous day for a homecoming.

deployment photos

I was a little anxious about this shoot. Would the plane arrive on time? Would it be very crowded as every unloaded? All the anxiety started to melt away and excitement built as we sat in an empty room by baggage claim, the only other people there were also impatiently waiting to welcome their loved ones home.
san antonio family photographer

I have so much respect for this momma who kept things together on the home front. <3

san antonio children's photographer


That’s a lot of days…

homecoming photos after deployment

Finally, a text! His plane has landed.

end of deployment photos

A sister waits to introduce her brother to her baby, parents wait to hug their son, a wife waits to see her husband, kids wait to see their dad. I can tell right now that I am not going to make it through this moment with dry eyes.  I feel so proud of these people for the challenges they have overcome and thankful for the sacrifices they have made. Proud to see all the people passing by, thanking the men in uniforms for their service.

homecoming photos san antonio photographer

Finally! I spot a familiar face…but his family is waiting for him around the corner.

homecoming deployment photos san anotnio

The last minutes waiting for him to come around that corner were probably the longest minutes of the whole deployment!

homecoming deployment photos san antonio photographer

Then finally…

deployment homecoming photos in airport san antonio photographer

I’m not crying, YOU’RE crying. Okay, fine. I am crying too…and still trying to take pictures.  I am just so happy!!!

best day ever! Deployment homecomings

men returning from deployment

There was a contagious warmth and happiness there as families hugged each other tight for the first time in a long time.  If you ever need a little pick me up…go to the airport to sit and watch these reunions, it’s a good reminder of what’s really important.

homecoming from deployment welcome home

Back home. Back to reality. Back to family.  Back to the chaos.

reunited again. welcome home

Okay, at this point I am just paparazzi.

Welcome home Hoy, thank you for your service.



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