Senior Session Tips

Senior Session Tips

Senior Session Tips

Graduating high school is one of the most exciting times in a young persons life, and a senior shoot can be one of the most rewarding parts of that rite of passage! Read these simple tips before you book your shoot, for the most successful and memorable shoot. If you’re in San Antonio or surrounding cities, click here to contact me about booking your session!

musical senior session violin 1) Book Early

Early Spring and late Winter have the most gorgeous weather for an outdoor session. You also want to make sure and have plenty of time to pick the perfect location, theme and outfits, before the stress of finals sets in.  Lastly, give yourself plenty of time to order your graduation announcements, and display images for your grad party. 

stylish and urban senior photos


stylish urban senior shoot


2) Where To Shoot

Location, location, location! Your background will set the mood for what you wear, the mood of the photos and the types of shots you set up!

Start by asking yourself; what are your likes? Are you athletic, musical, artsy? Is there a particular book or movie you have always dreamed of being in? Is a beach, downtown, or a tree house your happy place? What do you want to wear? Discuss these things with your photographer to pick a location that will fit you perfectly. 

senior photo details


seniors photography inspiraiton


badass senior photo ideas

3) What To Wear

Whatever YOU want! The most important thing is to love the way you look, and feel extra confident in front of the camera. A senior shoot is the time to show off your personality. I recommend picking a formal, a casual, and a FUN outfit. If you have picked a location already, be mindful of the colors and theme there and wear something that will compliment it! Photo shoots are a time to be slightly over the top, and really shine. Scarves, hats, handbags and jewelry help to add personality to the photo, and can be useful to pose with. Plan your hairstyle with each outfit in advance, write it on a note and pin it to your outfits for an easier transition during your session. 

gorgeous senior photos

fun and colorful senior session idea


colorful and fun senior photos


senior photo ideas sunflowers and glitter

4) What To Bring

Think of your senior session as a time capsule of your high school years. Who stood by your side ( make a photo string of them to hold) what food, drink or playlist fueled your late night study sessions? Find a fun way to show it off! What books do you want to BURN (okay, not literally, but could be a funny photo!) ? What does your future hold, and how can you showcase that? Don’t forget the “standard” items if you have them:

  • Cap
  • Gown
  • Letter Jacket
  • Ring
  • Yearbook

Also popular:

  • Wooden initials or graduating year
  • Balloons
  • Fresh flowers
  • Glitter * if you’re using glitter to blow out of your hands or a book, use chunky glitter…almost like confetti so it will show better.

botanical gardens senior photos

senior sessions ideas


san antonio senior photographe

5) Getting Ready

Screenshot some poses you love, or send them to your photographer ahead of time so you won’t forget them during the shoot and can be sure to get everything you want.

Whether your used to wearing makeup or not, a little color and a bit of mascara will help your features to stand out in photographs. Consider having your make-up done professionally, because how often do you get your own shoot?

The night before and day of your session are crucial.  Try to give yourself plenty of time to get ready, so you do not feel rushed and stressed while taking pictures. It’s your time to ENJOY all of your hard work! 

Getting good rest, eating well and staying hydrated can go a long way towards feeling more awake, less sluggish and having fresh looking skin for your shoot! Nothing over the top is necessary, but try to get a good nights rest, drink lot’s of water and eat a light meal right before the shoot. 

A good playlist goes a long way! Play some tunes to get you pumped up and excited on the way to your session!


girl senior photo ideas


vintage bike senior photoshoot


letter jacket senior photos


tennis senior photos


sporty senior photos




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