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What Your Pregnant Friend Actually Wants

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What Your Pregnant Friend Actually Wants

What Your Pregnant Friend Actually Wants

*This post may contain affiliate links, but the opinions in it are %100 mine, %100 of the time! 

tonttu-box- gifts for pregnant women

During a recent bout of baby blues, I decided to flip through the very first pages of my daughters baby book, and re-read all about my pregnancy. At four years in to this motherhood journey, I’ve already forgotten a lot of the little details, like how I had a strange taste in my mouth for 9 months. What was that all about?

I also realized something else while I was reading. I was annoying. Like, really, really annoying. 2016 me would not get along with 2012 me.  Oh no, the 2016 Anna has given up on all organic-all the time, and no sweets until two years old. Puh-lease!  Since 2012, I’ve learned that folding laundry is one big SCAM. Um, hello?! Throw it in a cute basket and call it a day. Your baby won’t care at all about a wrinkled onesie.  Seriously, as soon as you change them, some smelly, gooey liquid will come out of one end..or both ends at the same time.


My registry list was a hot mess of a few great items I wore out, and a LOT of stuff  I used maybe once. It’s a good thing my funds were very limited then, I can’t imagine how much $$$ I might have wasted on stuff I would later learn that I didn’t need.

So here is a hot tip that 2016 Anna would put her stamp of approval on. Your new mommy friends (especially the ones with baby #2 on the way) have enough 0-6 months outfits to clothe a tiny army. I know tiny shoes are adorable, but they’re %100 impractical. So skip the baby clothes section, you know what the pregnant ladies REALLY want? Just a moment of luxury,  a bit of  pampering after a day of swallowing horse pills masked as prenatal vitamins, having water make them nauseous, and then hugging the toilet for 20 minutes before running off to work where the  9+ hour of heartburn starts.


Enter Tonttu Box. The perfect combination of cute and useful things for baby, with something to spoil mommy too.  Before I discovered Tonttu, I would shop for baskets and fill them with yummy munchies, or soaps and candles for my expecting or new mommy friends. From now on, They can all expect this cute little box to arrive on their doorstep. I’m hooked.


Things I adore about Tonttu Baby box:

  1. It’s simple – Now anyone can give  a great gift, even if pregnant mommas and newborns scare you
  2. They have options to fit every budget
  3. Quality products – I loved every single thing in the November 2016  box
  4. The majority of their items are Made in the U.S.
  5. They partner with local businesses
  6. It’s a fantastic way to discover new things – In the November box alone, I loved the silicone brinware mat (it’s seriously cool) and If I had known about it sooner, it would have been a must have in my diaper bag. The Nursing band is a great idea, and extremely useful. A friend of mine who is still nursing snatched it up!
  7. They get us.  An insert in the November box said: “Parenting: If you feel crazy, you are doing it right” I instantly knew I had found my tribe
  8. Getting gifts  in the mail is a blast
  9. It’s the perfect blend of useful and fun for mommy and baby


Go here to get your first box today. Get one for you and a friend! They will LOVE it!


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