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How To Help Your Child Sleep Peacefully Through The Night

How To Help Your Child Sleep Peacefully Through The Night

How To Help Your Child Sleep Peacefully Through The Night

Sadly, that mean ol’ boogie man wouldn’t stay away forever!  My daughter has always had very vivid dreams, but she recently starting having bad dreams that have kept her from resting peacefully, and wanting to go to bed at night. While I’d love to chase away everything that frightens her, I have no control over her dreams.  I can control the environment she sleeps in, and help her to be brave and calm. Here are some things we did to get her back on track for a happy sleep! Every parent knows, happy sleep = happy life.

1. Talk about it: Talk about our dreams and why some of them scare us. Remind your child that the dreams are not real, and cannot hurt them. They can even control them! I reminded my daughter that we have a “no mean monsters allowed” policy in our home, and she needed to tell those bad dreams to “back off!”


2. Think happy thoughts: Before bed, I always ask my daughter what she wants to dream about. She usually list: ice cream, puppies and her best friend. We will have a discussion about her favorite things, and I’ll remind her to think about all those happy things while she falls asleep!


3. Routine: a routine and creating a peaceful environment have been essential for all (mom and dad included) to get the most out of bedtime.

These are some things I use every night to set the mood for good dreams only!

*you can click on the image to learn more, or order these products.


 4. Sound Maker: Since we live in an apartment, a noise maker is especially helpful to drown out unwanted noises! Ocean sounds are my “noise” of choice.  I use an app on my phone for relaxing nighttime sounds.

5. Aromatherapy: I love my oils diffuser. I am not essential oil obsessed, but I feel so much better about using my diffuser than burning candles. Plus, this way I can fall asleep without worrying about an open flame! You can purchase a bedtime or calming blend. I mostly just use lavender!

6. Nightlight: Okay non-crunchy mommas, stick with me. Maybe there isn’t’ scientific research supporting the health benefits of these salt lamps, but you know what I love? The warm glowing light! It is so relaxing and sleep inducing. Imagine the warm glow of  fireplace, safely plugged in next to your bed. It’s so much more conducive for resting than a bright white light. If you don’t do anything else on this list, at least try a salt lamp. I love mine!


Only nice monsters allowed!!
Only nice monsters allowed!!

     6. Plant clippings: This one may be a reach, but my daughter loves her “little trees” for smelling in her room. I’ve read of all the benefits of having air purifying plants in your main living areas. It also looks great and smells pretty, so I can’t think of any reason  not to add some lavender to your room. Rosemary is my second favorite! Mmmmm, can you tell I LOVE all things that smell pretty?!


7. Monster Spray: This one was fun for me, and my daughter loves it! Before bed, they can spray it in their closet, under their bed or just around their room! Parent’s you can have fun making it. I added some spices to a plain spray bottle with water I dropped some cranberries and rosemary in the water too. I imagine you could add glitters, beads, and all kinds of fun stuff to your monster spray. I told my daughter monsters hate the way it smells, and they won’t want to come around anymore!


 8. Bedtime Stories: We all rest better when we fall asleep with a book in our laps rather than a TV in our faces! Pus, reading a favorite book every night helps with that bedtime routine.  The book above is one of our favorites!

Of course none of these can guarantee no bad dreams, so I always remind Mia to be brave, and mommy and daddy will be right there if she wakes up and needs a hug.


These things have helped our family, but I wold love to hear what you do to ensure a good nights rest!





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