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And Then There Were Four

And Then There Were Four

And Then There Were Four

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Lucy Karis Angenend

~Born and abandoned sometime in February of 2016, adopted and loved greatly on June 20th 2016~

parvo puppy, adoption, rescue,

It’s only been two years since Mia first started asking for a puppy. My list of reason why we should not have a dog is very long, and included very valid excuses like:

  1. No yard (taking a puppy out every hour to the “poop patch” at my apartment building? NO thanks!).
  2. I already have a toddler, and I just barely finished potty training her!
  3. Mandatory dog walking aka routine exercising  just sounds like a trap.
  4. How the heck do some people afford to have like 10 dogs, these mushy fur balls are pricy!
  5. I travel a lot, boarding a dog every time is just added stress.
  6. I don’t wanna.

lucy, parvo puppy, adoption, rescue,

As my list of excuses grew, so did Mia’s love of dogs. All dogs, and replace the word love with “obsession”. She has to pet every dog she see’s, she loves pet grooming videos (she has been watching them since she was 2 y.o.) and she has puppy pictures all over her room.  One day she went as far as to say that; “surely I could not lover her, since I would not let her have a puppy, because she REEEALLY wanted a puppy”. Threenagers, am I right?!


Then one day I was desperately trying to wrap up some editing, and having constant interruptions from my 3 year old, only child, who really wanted some to play with.  As I was saying: “mommy is almost done” for what seemed like the hundredth time, she spotted the neighbors dog outside of her window and started to giggle and squeal. “I have to go pet that puppy!” and she bolted for the door.

lucy, parvo puppy, adoption, rescue

It was then I had this crazy thought: “What the hell, you only get one childhood. What if I made her wildest puppy dreams come true?! Maybe it will make my life easier in some ways, as long as the puppy is willing to play hide & seek and have tea parties with her.”

Fast forward three week and our little family was falling in love with this 4 month old, parvo survivor, labrador retriever mix at the San Antonio Pet’s Alive Shelter.

She has NOT made my life easier (yet), but she is very sweet and a fast learner. My goal is to have her fetching cups of coffee for me within the next couple of months.

Wish me luck.

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