3 Easy Tips For Amazing Bluebonnet Pictures

3 Easy Tips For Amazing Bluebonnet Pictures

3 Easy Tips For Amazing Bluebonnet Pictures

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The bluebonnets are in full bloom and every ( true) Texan is headed out with their gang to get the annual, obligatory, bluebonnet photo. TEXAS! YEEHAW.

Here are some quick tips for better photos, whether you’re shooting them on your phone or with a pro.

1. Safety first

Find a safe location

You can ask your friends or local photographers for recommendations. Also, check out Texas Highways for the best wildflower locations! (http://www.texashighways.com)

Texas, Spring & tall grass= Snakes! Oh my.

Hopefully there won’t actually be snakes where you shoot, but be mindful of that possibility and keep an eye out.

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2. The sun will make or break your photos

For best results, shoot in early morning or dusk to avoid harsh sunlight, which will cause squinty eyes or overexposed backgrounds. To make a dramatic difference in the quality of your photos, sit your subject with their back to the sun, and use a reflector to add a warm glow, and put a little sparkle in their eyes!

3.Bring a simple prop

Avoid awkward “squatting over the flowers” poses with a simple prop.

Your model may not be too excited about sitting on wet ground, or get poked by sticks and rocks.  You can easily pick up a small crate to pose them on. It looks cute and doesn’t block or squash nearly as many flowers as a blanket might.


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